Mission Statement

Live to Exalt God

Opportunities to Equip

Vision to Evangelize

Extend God’s love to others

While our focus each year changes, the Mission Statement of Women’s Ministries basically remains the same.  We want to
live our lives to exalt God; to equip one another to serve God and each other; evangelize God’s saving grace to those around us and those around the world; and to extend God’s love to others in a number of different ways.




2nd Tuesday of the month

9:00 am (at Perkins)

All ladies are invited to fellowship together around breakfast and to celebrate those who have a birthday that month.  Everyone is responsible for their own food and the “birthday ladies” are given cards.  It is okay if you forget a card or don’t know whose birthday it is (birthdays are listed on the back of the church calendar)–just come for a good time together!